I know you’re exhausted from

wearing 23 hats + spinning 7 plates

I bet by now you’re right royally hacked off by fluff filled, self indulgent webinars (yuck!),

big empty promises + slick images of easy 6-figure business empires.

You’ve done course after course, followed every sales funnel guide, template and so-called

blueprint but you’re still frustrated by your lack of progress.

Some may say you’re a course junkie!

You’re told you need; a website, opt-in, sales funnel, a copy writer, social media scheduling,

SEO and FB ads dark art strategy, landing page, auto-responder…


Does working ‘ON’ your biz feels like the 1980’s again?

(everyone can solve the Rubik’s cube apart from you?)

Rubik's cube Cat Paterson Mind Detective and Strengths Coach Straight Talking Ginger

All you crave is a BS-free zone, step-by-step guides,

case studies that show the inside scoop


A willing accomplice (cue me) to show you the how-to

You don’t have to work that hard my fellow solopreneur and you don’t have to be pushy, salesy or spam everyone and their granny to make a quick buck. That behaviour is reserved for asshat’s only.

Stop getting caught up in the shiny object syndrome of someone else’s strategy and discover your own business M.O. and start doing things your way.

It’s time to be YOU!

 STOP! with comparisonitis


STEP into your YOU-shaped space and own it like the boss you are.

Heck, I rock my business in a combination of joggy bottoms (Scottish term for sweats), PJ’s, biker boots and heels (which goes against every rule in the book of ‘how to dress for success’)

I automate the heck out of my day, without becoming a socially inept robot,


I even ask for help sometimes from those that compliment my style and vision perfectly, something you no doubt need to get better at.

I show up in my business, as an introvert,  my way, on my terms.


If you need, nay, DEMAND practical guidance…

you are in the right place!

YOU are…


Craft Your 


attract you tribe

YOU must


Cat Paterson Straight Talking Ginger

Let me introduce myself

Cat’s my name, profiling + sky-rocketing you + your business is my game. I’m the fiery redhead that knows more about you…than you!

Consider me your willing accomplice for the crazy business career path you have chosen. I’ll hold your feet to the fire to get your shiznit done + borderline stalk you to make sure you get a badass boost for your business.

In a previous life I headed up intelligence analysis for a national covert agency (wink, wink, say. no. more) but now I’m all over your business to uncover your sass, your business M.O. so you can stop being a sheep + start being the unique snowflake I know you are.

Earl grey tea lover and real-life Lady of Glencoe don’t ya know. I love a netflix sesh with a G&T on the couch as much as I la la love holding you accountable (that’s how I get my kicks)

Let’s be clear here. I am marmite! (and proud of it).

As a willing accomplice, my style of boot-up-the-bahookie, straight talking won’t suit everyone and I’m totally OK with that and you should be too. Warts and all is how I roll.

Want to get to know me and if I’m the right fit for you? Then take my quiz

 I will help you uncover your business M.O. and get you pointed in the right direction.

Hope to Speak soon! (or send me carrot cake – I’m sure you can post that goodness now)