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Screw The Goals. You Need A System!

I was invited to write a post for the amazing social media maven Cara Chace (feeling privileged) about one of my regular rants around why personal goal setting is completely pointless. Want to read about eating marshmallows, instant gratification and how to actually get sane again? Then hop over here to read the blog.  Just […]

Are You Battle Weary?

The ‘9 to 5’ model of work is slowly becoming a thing of the past whether, as an employee, you now work a 12 hour day, work flexibly or have taken the leap and started up your own company. Starting up a new company can be exciting, finally turning a longed for dream into reality […]

So you’re a solopreneur

  You’ve taken the leap, you’ve left that beige cubicle and you’re doing it, going it on your own. Friends and family think you’re nuts at the very least and at worst want to have you committed, as they’re terribly concerned about your current mental state. Let’s start with the elephant in the room…   […]

How To Get More Sales

(without feeling icky!) If you’re running your own business I know you’ve had that feeling where absolutely nothing is going right. Instead of the midas touch you have a touch akin to cursing almost everything around you and turn it to sh*t. Naturally to combat this period of overwhelm and lack of self-belief, you read everything […]

Sick of the ‘6 figure business’ mantra?

  Why is everyone so obsessed with creating a 6 figure business? Is it a realistic goal? Are you really driven by money alone or driven by something a bit deeper or bigger than you…and if you make 6 figures in the process then BONUS!   I see courses and offers every single day promising that it’s easy to […]