Boss Ladies who dish out ‘NO BS’ epicness and are unique snowflakes (and it’s not only Marie Forleo)

Boss Ladies who dish out NO BS epicness and are unique snowflakes

(and it’s not only Marie Forleo)


Don’t tell me, I know, you’ve been digital rabbit hole-ing trying to work out how to achieve world domination in the virtual world and feeling a tad overwhelmed by advice, sometimes unsolicited, who to listen to and where to start.

Let me cut to the chase. I am ‘fangurling’ over these Boss Ladies who are absolutely and unapologetically, crushing it on-line by standing in their own boss lady shaped space of the interwebs and owning it.

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What makes them stand out is:

1) Their sassy, NO BS approach to their business and tribe

2) They have created some of THE most supportive communities out there in the digital world

3) They shower their dedicated followers with VALUE that exceeds anything I have ever witnessed and

4) They share the struggle and crappy stuff too, it’s not all unicorn’s shitting rainbows, they tell it exactly how it is


Boss Ladies Power Page Cat Paterson Straight Talking Ginger


Now, there are already many female behemoth’s out there in the on-line world such as Marie Forleo or Danielle La Porte and they are simply fabulous but the sassy women I’ve listed below attracted me like a moth to a flame as their sass was out there, with no-filter.

Whether you are starting your business or you are one year in, my golden nuggets of wisdom would be…

– Follow those that share the same verbiage as you and that you have an instant connection with

– Follow only a maximum of three (although all the ladies listed here are completely worthy of getting access to your in-box so feel free to ignore previous nugget) and

– Make sure the women you follow are doing things in a way that fits with your own personality type 


There is no point in following Marie Forleo’s style if you hate doing TV style video or endlessly find yourself apologising to ‘cursing haters’ if you have a foul mouth…get the gist?!

The ladies I’ve chosen all rock their expertise but what I love the most is that they are the kinda gals that understand their tribe.

[Tweet ““When women support one another, exceptional things happen””]


They know that their followers want, nay, DEMAND the practicality of how-to/step-by-step training with a good ole dose of boot-up-the ass emotional support.

The kind of support you can’t get from friends or family who, by the way, have almost got you committed since your announcement that you are leaving your job and will be running your new life from a laptop (cue gasps of horror).

If you really want to get ahead, and be uniquely you in the bloody ocean that can be the world of online business, then these are the courageous gals who are doing their thang and knocking it out the park, in my humble opinion.

They are advocates of what I have termed the #PowerProcess and what’s more, they make it super easy to follow.

No room for BS or fluff in their products or services, just pure unadulterated value. Every. Single. Time.

Go forth and allow your brain to fill up with goodness.

Cat: Mind Detective
Straight Talking Ginger


Shae BaxterShae-Baxter-SEO-coach-+-trainer.jpg

This lady really can ‘make google fall in love with you’ using her own proven system. Learn how to optimise your traffic, SEO and google ranking with her easy to understand cheat sheets and wisdom. Honestly, it’s like suddenly being able to speak and understand Mandarin in one day, but get on her list to get actionable advice that you wouldn’t have thought up in a month of Sunday’s.



Mariah Coz

Mariah Coz

Is energetic, provides the most amazing free value in her power packed webinars and shares way beyond what you expect. Mariah is more than happy to share the exact steps she executes behind the scenes where most would fear to tread or share their secret sauce. You can’t help but get pumped and inspired after one of Mariah’s webinars.



andrea-beltrami-the-branded-solopreneurAndrea Beltrami – The Branded Solpreneur

Is sass on steroids. This california girl is the expert when it comes to NO BS and a tribe that I’m sure would gladly tattoo her logo on their ass. ‘Branding is a necessity not a cost’ is her mantra and when you dive into her awesome Mini Trainings (never, ever use the word webinar in Dre’s company or she’ll….look take my word for it, just don’t). This girl knows everything and anything about branding and she will get you off the starting blocks so fast you won’t even remember the bang of the starting gun.


ByreginaRegina – ByRegina 

This Ninja is more than a sidekick, she’s a must have role model! Her website alone is jam packed with workbooks, videos and info I’m sure if you think it, the right article, lesson or cheat sheet will magically appear. If you’re a blogger, coach, freelancer or course creator, you are in the right place.



Cara ChaceCara Chace

This boss lady has the focus of a doberman about to eat a steak (a description she more than lives up to). She’s managed the social media for a large band following and, when I say large, I’m conservatively estimating that at 13 million. Let’s just say Cara knows what she’s doing when it comes to whipping your social media strategy into shape. Cara is also my girl for a weekly blab show, where we offer NO BS #PowerProcess nuggets and you can pretty much ask anything about social media or small business productivity. It’s our antidote to useless ‘pick your brain sessions’ and ‘energy vampires’.


Ash AmbirgeAsh Ambirge – The middle finger project

Is one of the emails I cannot wait to devour, in particular, Ash’s recent series of ‘I hate Monday’ emails that have shone light on some ‘how did I live without that’ resources! This straight shooting gal hates cliches, cheesy advice and newsletters. She speaks my language!




julie-lowe-oct-2Julie Lowe – Socially Aligned

Julie is all about the strategy and helping you to create a plan that gets you more leads and sales. You may have crossed her path in a variety of online courses where she is the featured FB Ad trainer. She knows her stuff…and she is generous beyond belief with her fun feature ‘Let’s Get Social’.




Annie PichetteAnnie Pichette – Youtube like a Pro

Want the dark art of youtube taught in lessons of one, understandable and consumable syllable….then Annie is your gal. Her free training is value packed and soooo easy to follow you have no excuses to not use Youtube in your arsenal.




Star KhecharaStar Khechara – Miss Monetization

Want to be famous? Then Star is the perfect award winning business mentor. She teaches you how to become a rockstar in your industry, whilst donning cat ears and Prada sunnies. This lady has been there and done just about everything and anything you can dream up and doesn’t faff around with useless fluff. No BS right here!




Who is Cat?Cat Paterson Straight Talking Ginger Solopreneur Sanity
Well obviously I’m going to include myself in this sass filled list, if for the only reason, it’s my blinkin’ blog!

Consider me your accomplice for this online madness, as my aim is to keep Boss Lady; solopreneurs, small business owners, entrepreneurs or [another label of your choice]… SANE!

Doing business the wrong way can be tough.

Working all this stuff out is tough.

Step-by-step, NO BS practicality is what works.

A Step-by-step #PowerProcess is what gets you Sane!

If you know of any other amazing women that are sticking their head above the parapet and are worthy of a mention, please, please, please share in the comments so we can all benefit from their talent.

Want to know your Solopreneur Sass? Take the free quiz and get a mini biz blueprint…cos that’s how I roll.



I use UK English (and Scottish Slang), if you see what you think is a typo, please don’t write in.

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