Why? Because THEY WORK!

  • Denise Duffield-Thomas of Lucky Bitch Fame

    Denise’s Sacred Money quiz has been taken over 28,000 times and she only makes it available during a launch phase of her signature Money Archetype course…smart!

  • Gretchen Ruben, The Four Tendencies

    Gretchen’s Four Tendencies has been taken a cool 1.4 MILLION TIMES and acts as a business lead generator along with her book


    Teaching the power of quizzes since 2014 to create a flow of customers into your business. My diary is booked up 6 months in advance and my courses get filled without big launches or expensive ad campaigns

  • BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed’s 200 million visitors topped their most popular stories chart from 1 to 4 with….you guessed it….Quizzes!

‘But they’re really well known already and get tons of website traffic’, I hear you cry

Remember, everyone started their audience at ZERO, even them…but they started.

Are you…

Scrolling around and throwing spaghetti at social media

Losing precious hours every day down the rabbit hole of social media, trying to engage potential customers and hearing nothing but crickets or burned fivers trying to do FB ads when you should leave that shizzle to the experts

Wearing a million and one hats

You’ve forgotten if you’re the sales department, designer, accountant, website builder or the CEO.

You’ve tried ALL the lead magnets (checklists, worksheets, cheatsheets, videos) with little or no success

Argh! Why did I decide to do this?!!!

Trying everything you’ve been told to do but feeling burnt out

You’re doing your best but it doesn’t seem to be working and you STILL don’t have that flow of wonderful customers. You know they’re out there, but they can’t seem to find you


You need a VALUE packed, CUSTOMER ATTRACTING lead generator

One that attracts the RIGHT customers

One that showcases your EXPERTISE, STRENGTHS and SKILLS

One that lets you GET BACK TO WORK and works on autopilot

Get More Customers Automagically

  • Capture more than an email address

    Capture name, email address AND what product or service would be perfect for them, what is keeping them stuck, what their goals are, their current mindset so you can offer exactly what they need right now

  • Attract the RIGHT customers

    Don’t collect numbers or followers, instead, attract the RIGHT people that turn into customers

  • Wash Rinse Repeat

    Learn a skill that you can use over and over and over again. No need to pay a hefty charge every time you want your quiz updated or a new quiz added to your digital library of awesome resources. Learn once then wash, rinse, repeat


Hey, I’m Cat aka Straight Talking Ginger 

One time criminal intelligence analyst, heading up a national covert team, turned profiler to gutsy small business leaders for the last 6 years.

Consider me your willing accomplice and partner in crime. I uncover your entrepreneur type, teach you play to your strengths for fun, freedom and tons more profit and share my proven strategies so you can put your own spin on them.

Teaching people how to create quizzes since 2014, before they became Zeitgeisty. Straight talking and nae fluff is my Modus Operandi and I live by the mantra… Lead. Stop Following. YOUprints not blueprints, they’re so last decade.

Thrive Global Contributor (that’s Arianna Huffington’s gig), founder of YOUprints ® not blueprints profiling method, creator of  Unleash Your YOUprint, author and facilitator of strategies that make profit.


As well as a Facebook group added for this year to keep you on track and share ideas with others, the modules have a TON of learning to follow along step by step videos, workbooks, bonus worksheets:

  • MODULE 1: What type of quiz?
  • Choose the perfect quiz of your customers; personality , score based or assessment because they all have different outcomes.

    Use the flow chart template to easily make that decision and map your business objectives to what the customers wants and needs.

    Anyone can make a quiz. Any quiz can attract 1000’s of quiz takers BUT if you haven’t researched what quiz will convert your customers, it’s all for nothing.

    Research, choose the perfect quiz type and topic then learn how to segment your audience

  • MODULE 2: Prep Your Quiz
  • Learn a step by step process to prep all the bits you need for your quiz; graphics, results, question set templates, objectives so you can wash, rinse and repeat.

    Get your ducks in a row so all your research pays off.

    Create your quiz result in Canva to make it look good and convey the value you offer.

    Use the quiz workbook to keep you focused and on track.

    Print off the templates so you have a record of your thinking and objectives for your quiz.

    Learn how to set up Amazon S3 to deliver your quiz results and pay pennies compared to Dropbox

  • MODULE 3: ALL the quiz platforms
  • Once size doesn’t fit all so I show you how to create your quiz on:

    1. Interact
    2. Typeform
    3. Playbuzz
    4. Thrive Architect for WordPress

    So you have choice whether it’s functionality or budget dependent.

    You no longer have to rely on paying out hefty costs for one quiz and ongoing changes.

    Pick your platform, learn it inside out, create multiple quizzes as your business develops.

    Use quizzes for your book, a lead generator, affiliate income, fun, collaborations and partners or something just for that one guest blog you’ve written.

  • MODULE 4: Share the results
  • You will need an email marketing platform and a chosen quiz platform.

    Note: you can absolutely start on free/basic options for email providers and quiz platforms however, the powerful functionality and ease of use comes from the paid options i.e. integrate email provider, email gates for quiz results

    Learn how to integrate Active Campaign, as my recommended choice, due to the powerful features of tagging and audience segmenting.

    However, as long as you have an email provider that can tag and segment lists as you grow your business, you have a powerful lead generator.

    Learn about additional value you can add to your quiz to turn quizzers into buyers. Pile on the value for little effort.

  • BONUS MODULE 5: Segment and leverage results
  • Learn why and how to segment your future customers to reduce unsubscribes, nurture long term and repeat customers, increase your email open rates and stop your emails going into SPAM folders.

    Learn how to start creating a powerful email strategy to support your quiz results and nurture your customers.

    See behind the scenes of my Pinterest strategy that brings in super cheap leads, when compared with Facebook ads

  • BONUS MODULE: Resources and Graduation Party
  • Anyone can create a quiz. Anyone can share a quiz and get 1000’s of leads either organically or by paid ad campaigns.

    The secret sauce, in my experience, isn’t the quiz, it’s how you segment your audience after they’ve taken the quiz.

    In this bonus module, I share all my opinions on the best email platforms for using with quizzes to get the most leverage i.e. better email open rates, better conversions into paid customers and better engagement rates

    When you complete your quiz I share them with my 9K strong social media following on twitter (the twitteratti love a quiz). I’ll share your quiz with my own email list AND you’ll get featured in the hall of fame if you’re willing to share a testimonial.

    That way, you and your quiz get found much faster.

What do I need to get started

  • Email Platform

    You’ll need an email platform such as Active Campaign, Convertkit or Aweber to create email capture forms to collect names and email addresses

  • Quiz platform

    You can start on free options with most quiz platforms and ramp up when you want to add on the fancy features like email gates, correlations and logic jumps

“You really opened my eyes to the potential of a quiz and the fun I can have with it. The segmenting lesson is mind blowing!”

“I’ve been struggling for about a year testing tons of opt-ins, everything from checklists to PDF and videos but as soon as I made a quiz it all clicked into place AND  I get paid!”

“I always struggled to get in front of potential customers and how to open up sales conversations, no more!”

“My quiz does the heavy lifting for me and selling doesn’t feel like selling and I’m getting more sales. It’s an absolute dream!”

“When a paying customer vanished I was constantly in panic mode, worrying about how to pay my bills. Now I have a flood of people coming to me asking for my services. It’s honestly like a magic trick!”

“Wow! A quiz is a great way to leverage my affiliate marketing. I can ask specific questions that segment my audience and offer relevant products and services”