Cat, I’m never sure about all the things you do….

Well, wonder no more, here’s all my offers, services, courses and ‘real life stuff you can touch and get delivered to your home’,

on one handy dandy page.

Courses and Trainings

Reach the world with your brand

Branded Books DIY Workshop £47

Create a gorgeous notebook, in under an hour, that shows off your brand and reaches a brand new audience. Think of it like a lead magnet that actually pays you!

Reach the world with your brand

Branded Books Business Builder Academy

Right, you’ve created your first gorgeous notebook in the Branded Books DIY Workshop NOW go all in and learn how to build your business from your branded stationery.

Psst, you can only get access if you finish the Branded Books DIY Workshop so hop over there first.

Already completed that course? The link to uplevel is right inside your classroom.

Sell first THEN reinvest in the tech

Sell Your Course Without an Expensive Website £27

Use free tools to sell your course without having to pay out big bucks for a website of expensive monthly course platform fee.


Need a partner in crime for a bit longer

90 day sprint focused on you

We get focused on YOUR strengths, what you want and need to focus on and we work together to move the needle.

Application only so hit that button and fill in the form. We need to be a good fit to work together for 3 months, right?!

3 x £590 on my pay-as-you-go plan

Zoom fatigue…be gone!

Want me in your corner?

Imagine being able to ask an experienced business owner anything!

From online audience building, setting up AND selling your first (or eleventy billionth) online course or just working out the right next step.

Brick and mortar? No problem I run an engineering company too.

Product based? No problem, I sell a deck of cards and stationery and shhh, this helps build your audience whilst getting paid.

Voxer half days and full days at your service. No need to don your newsreader outfit (posh from the waste up).

Just need 30 mins or an hour of brain picking?

Then get in touch before booking.

youprint card deck layout

Want to unleash YOUR strengths?

Unleash Your A-Game

It’s time to unleash your super powers to get your business rockin’!

We use my pocket profiling deck (which you get to keep for use with your own customers) to get focused on YOU, WHO you need around you and WHAT you can do to move the needle.



If you love Myers Briggs, you’ll love this!


Grab your YOUprint profiling deck to identify your strengths and preferences.

Get access to a digital version to use with your online clients, a jam packed playbook of instructions to get started right out the gate AND additional videos showing you different ways to play with the cards.

The YOUprint Entrepreneur Quiz

What’s your entrepreneur type?


Take the quiz and get a jam packed report that focuses on your YOUprint entrepreneur type.

Get access to a Pinterest board chock full of resources for your individual type.

Know who to have in your team and your balancing profiles to keep you in your lane, doing business with ease and loving life.


Links to all my stationery and a showcase of stationery from my Branded Books students…coming soon!