super-charge your leads!

I’m going to be straight-up with you here: if you’re not using quizzes for lead generation, you’re missing a trick.

Quizzes have been ever-popular since we first encountered them as teens in the magazines and now in our digital age, their popularity has soared. You only have to take the briefest of glances at the pages of Buzzfeed to see that us humans, we really love to take a quiz.

But the not-so-humble quiz is so much more than pure entertainment: while it’s fun to find out what Harry Potter house we belong to, or what Disney villain we’re most like, the most popular quizzes tell us so much more than that – they give valuable insights into our personality traits and how we fit in with others.

You see, even in a world where we’re encouraged to embrace our individuality and uniqueness, we crave the opportunity to categorise ourselves and know that we’re not totally alone out there.

Why do you even need a quiz?

Right now, most businesses have a social media presence. This in itself is great because that’s where their customers and not-yet customers are. Every marketing rule starts off telling us that we need to be where our ideal customer is.

However, the biggest challenge with this is that you’re not playing in your own backyard. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other networks are notorious for making changes to their platforms. Today the algorithm and rules are positively skewed towards businesses but that could change at the drop of Zuckerberg’s hat. You’re also at the mercy of someone else’s IT infrastructure and network outages – if your audience is solely in Facebook and it goes down, how are you planning on talking to them?

That’s where the humble email comes in: email marketing is far from dead, and if you’re not doing it already, you should be curating an email list to omplement the rest of your marketing strategy. And how do you get email addresses from potential clients? You need a lead magnet.

For a lead magnet to work to capture the leads you’re after, you have to fill them to the brim with value, positioning your business as THE expert who can help the client-to-be with whatever problem they’re having.

But the problem with this approach is that it’s a one-way street. You get no information about your would-be client except that they have some level of interest in what you do, and their email address. You’re playing the marketing game on the hard level, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Why are quizzes so great as lead magnets? A quiz works well as a lead magnet for a few reasons:

  • Value for your client: in this digital marketing age, we’re bombarded with sponsored ads left, right and centre and it feels like everyone is trying to get hold of our coveted email address – and that’s because everyone is. So if someone is going to give you the key to slide
    into their inbox, they want to make sure they’re getting a truck-load of value in return. A quiz gives you the chance to deliver meaningful value to someone because it’s personalised to them. If I’m getting value based on my answers to a quiz, I know the information you’re giving me is tailored to my exact needs. When the client gets great value from you, they’re a much warmer lead and far more likely to buy from you. The client is happy, and you’re happy – everyone’s doing a happy dance.
  • Value for you: when you create a quiz as a lead magnet, you have absolute control over the questions you ask your audience – it’s the best market research you’ll ever do. Most people come out in a cold sweat when they hear the term “market research” but if you give them a quiz? They actually WANT to take part, because they’re getting something out of it. They get that happy little buzz from learning something about themselves and you get a direct flow of information from your subscribers about what their pain points are, what their goals and desires are and exactly how your business can help them with that.
  • Email list segmentation: to have an effective email marketing strategy, you need your readers to feel like you’re talking to them individually. To do this, you need to be able to identify clusters of your audience who have the same needs, wants and pain points and base your conversations with them around all those things. If you have a list of 10, 100 or even 1,000 email addresses, you’re never going to be able to
    get specific enough to convert those without getting a bunch of unsubscribers. But when you create a quiz, your leads come into you already segmented for you. You can group people by the result of the quiz or how they answered a specific question and then you can talk to
    those people directly. The ultimate aim is to open a conversation with potential clients. This conversation gives you the chance to deliver targeted value and ultimately makes you money – hurrah!

Some tips to make sure your quiz brings in the best quality leads for your business:

  1. Spend time designing your questions and the end results pages – you want to make sure the information you get in return is valuable to you and can lead back to the service you can provide, but it’s also got to deliver value to your client. And it’s got to be fun! Your clients will
    immediately blacklist any emails from you if completing the quiz was less interesting than watching paint dry.
  2. Test it out on friends and family and ask for honest feedback. Don’t be
    afraid to change something if it’s just not working the way you want it to.
  3. If you’re looking for a great quiz platform that’s simple to use but super effective, I suggest Interact.
  4. Get your back-end processes in place – there’s no point doing all the work designing the quiz, getting the valuable information from it and the email address delivered to you if you’re then not going to do anything with the information. A quiz alone won’t convert a ‘browser’ into a buyer – the money is all in the follow-up.
  5. Know how you want to segment your audience, write your welcome email sequences, get everything ready to go and automate wherever you can. I recommend Active Campaign as your email provider which will help you get all the background processes ready and raring to go.

Quizzes are not a relic of the past, they’re here to stay! It’s time to super-charge your business and get those leads flying in.

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