Get consistent leads automagically and turn raving fans into buyers

There’s a reason that Denise Duffield-Thomas of Lucky Bitch fame and Gretchen Rubin, author of The Four Tendencies use quizzes….

They Work!

With Denise’s quiz having been taken over 28,000 times and Gretchen’s a cool 1.4 MILLION TIMES, something tells you they’re onto a winning formula.

A quiz is the perfect way to capture your prospective customers email addresses but there’s SO much more to them than that.

Not only are they a ton of fun, they are:

  • a great way of offering tremendous value to your audience

  • offer a stealth (and not at all boring) way of doing critical market research

  • a quiz allows you to offer up the perfect product or service that meets your customer right where they’re at in that moment.

  • Attract leads on tap and spend time on warming up the right one’s

Wh, wh, what?! Yep, it’s all true.

Think back to when you took that quiz in your facebook feed and shared the results or when you took that Pottermore quiz to discover your Petronas .You unwittingly entered the world of viral quizzing, which hooks you in, and is just one of the reasons they are addictive and oh so shareable.

Whether you’re industry is; weddings, network marketing, stationery,  branding archetypes, coaching of any kind, social media, health and fitness, well-being, planning, pet care, quizzes are the bomb!

Click for some inspiration to kick start your own ideas.

I know we all love to be unique but, if you’re anything like me, I also secretly love a box to squish into that tells me more about me.

How self-indulgent!, I hear you cry, but ultimately people love to talk about themselves and learn more about who they are, so whether it’s your; entrepreneur type, disney character or personality preference, quizzes tap into that desire and allow you to share and compare with their friends.

Quizzes are the ultimate in social media as they open up conversations.

And where there are conversations there is an opportunity to deliver value, attract customers and make money.

Of course they could be considered the zeitgeist of marketing right now but I can’t see them falling out of favour because they’re:

  • incredibly adaptable
  • bring leads on tap if used well
  • challenging the status quo of one way communication blast of posting on social by opening up real conversations and
  • as we move our real estate off social media and back onto a medium we can control, quizzes are complimenting email strategies that encourage us to know more about our customers and meet them where they are – finally making our marketing about them and not us
  • perfect for offering unique opportunities to customers

I created my first quiz back in 2014/2015 with clunky tools and workarounds. Even back then, whilst it looked like it was held together by double-sided sticky tape, it got traction.

Now there are some incredible tools (I’ve tested pretty much everything out there) and the whole process is seamless by comparison.

I use the platform Interact to host my quiz and get 83% of all my website traffic from my ‘What’s Your YOUprint quiz?’ 83%!!!

What’s more, is that my views and completion rates are noteworthy when compared to traditional methods such as facebook groups, blogs and opt-ins.

Here are some stats from the last 30 days, approx. a 52% conversion rate from quiz starts**

**Interact recently updated their platform and these are the most recent analytics

Views and likes are essentially vanity metrics.

The real gold is when a new prospect completes your quiz and hops onto your email list.

Now you can open up a conversation with your email strategy and meet them where they’re at to deliver value.

Traditional blogs and optin’s convert new subscribers anywhere between 1% and 3% (depending on your specific industry). You’ve already seen my quiz converting around the 52% mark but it’s the conversation it allows that is the magic.

To give a behind the scenes snapshot of my email open rates, from one of the slides I use in my webclass, I get between 60.87% and 80% open rates through a 5 email campaign. The average email open rate for an email list is 13.4% (again dependent on your industry).

You can also see that I recently tried a Pinterest Ad strategy. The update on these stats @April 2018 are that I got leads for £0.07p (previously £0.17p).

Enough with the stats, let’s crack on!

To create your own list exploding quiz you will need:

1. Quiz platform

  • A free trial is available with Interact quiz platform
  • Upgrade later to a paid account to capture email leads right inside the platform OR
  • Redirect results to an email capture form within your CRM, without upgrading.

2. Email Provider or Your preferred CRM

  • choose an email/CRM provider that allows ‘Audience Segmenting’ (my personal recommendation is Active Campaign (starting at $9 for 500 contacts) which seamlessly integrates with Interact. It’s a powerful CRM and affordable email provider combined for an amazing low cost. The power lies within segmenting in any quiz marketing strategy i.e. aka the secret sauce no-one talks about that I’m sharing. Click the link for a 14 day free trial.

Are you’re ready to join the ranks of Denise Duffield-Thomas and Gretchen Rubin with list exploding quizzes?

The RESULTS you can get with a quiz are simply amazing. Want to see a peek inside my Quiz Course? Then hop over here