Lead. Stop Following.

Of an evening I am known to be catching up on a netflix sesh (or the great British bake off – who doesn’t like cake?!) and as I’m so on this business thing, I’m simultaneously scrolling through my twitter or facebook feeds in an attempt at finding the next twinkly golden nugget that will ‘allegedly’ ramp up my biz to the next level.

In reality, all I’ve ended up with is content overload, facebook ad fatigue and a serious case of smelling BS like a fart in a lift.

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Everyone seems to be promising 6 or 7 figure businesses as if they can be achieved with a cup of bullet proof coffee and a worksheet, wh, what?

I have invested in courses, email series’ and attended every fluff-filled webinar known to man but if I’m brutally honest with myself, despite copious amounts of action taken (I’m an action taker), not much has actually changed as a result of this ‘paid for’ knowledge.

Why? because most webinars were thinly veiled 2 hour long sales messages and spaces created only for indulging the ‘look who I am’, 30 min presentations (and that was after 20 mins of ooo look who’s joined us…Cat from Paisley – and the list went on and on and on).

I want to be woo’d and given something of value first…

I actually don’t mind a sales pitch or an up-sell but I want to be woo’d and given something of value first so I get to know you, get to like you and get to trust you.

What ever happened to relationship building and giving something of value with no expectation of return? or is that my rose-tinted nostalgic view of the online world? Gawd I love the good old days.

Enough is enough and it’s time I took responsibility for my actions and changed the rules of the game. I will put a stop to the ever increasing invasion of affiliate emails in my inbox where people I once admired are now pushing their ‘mates’ course down my throat.

You know that’s how they’re getting huge traction right? There is no fancy blueprint that will do the same for you so you can ball it in business, the current trend is about leveraging your mates traffic and not the secret thing you think you’re missing.

Heck the most recent trend reflects this, where you can now learn how to launch an affiliate business.

I’m not saying affiliate marketing for others doesn’t work but personally all I think is…if they’re pushing this course this much as an affiliate, is their own business not doing so well? Makes me stop and think anyway.

Listen, I’ve done everything the ‘expert’s have told me. “Do webinars, here’s how to build my sales funnel, get pics of you lying on a beach in Bali (I’m not a beach or summer person) or reportage pics of laughing frivolously in front of graffiti, make meme’s that are regurgitated and spam the heck out of facebook feeds with ads about my ‘friend’s got this amazing course'”.

I’m done. I’m over it. I’m exhausted. On reflection, what works for someone else might not actually work for you. Here endeth the lesson.

So what’s next? This is not a rant without purpose or a dig at those creating the success they crave in a way that works for them but it is an acknowledgement that we are all unique snowflakes and do things our own way.

We should stop being drawn into a world that feels contrived and false…

We should stop being drawn into a world that feels contrived and false, believing that THIS is how you do business ergo the only way to create success.

Alternative method up for grabs….find those amazing peeps doing it their way, who are standing out from the crowd and offering something unique.

This ain’t a bakery, I don’t sugar coat anything.

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Look for those doing it their way and standing in their own-shaped space on the interwebs for inspiration versus feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when the cookie cutter biz baking doesn’t come out the oven how you expected.

My biz pals Cara and Dre are amazing business women doing it their way BUT we too are openly frustrated by the recent trends having tried what was on offer only to uncover what isn’t working and more importantly, why!

We la la love an antidote to any cookie cutter trend and, as we’re not the type to suffer from comparisonitis, we’ve used our experiences to work out what works for us individually and then rock that out the park.

We also want to spread the word that it’s OK if you’re not balling it in business and you’ve been left frustrated by similar experiences.

We want to lift the lid on our own businesses, be honest about what works and what doesn’t and hopefully empower solopreneurs in a similar position to speak out and let the game face slip to finally up-level and do their thing brilliantly.

We invite you to get involved with our movement where we will be uncovering our no BS struggles, wins, frustrations, game face off moments so we can have an open conversation about how business is both tough and momentous.

We’ll be using the hashtag #NoMoreBSPosse across instagram, twitter, pinterest, blogging heck wherever we can and we’d love you to do the same.

Heck let’s get the real conversation going and as a group, a movement, we can help one another and build a no BS community of support.

Let’s lead, stop following.

Want to know what’s happening when? Then be the first to find out when we’re facebook living (that’s totally a thing now), having twitter chats or sharing a #NoMoreBSPosse video to the world.

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