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I’d LOVE to get involved in conversations that are valuable for your audience and if you’re on this page, someone in your world, or I, spotted a great opportunity and that we could be a great fit to chat.

In essence I’m all about YOUprints® not blueprints.

It’s time to do things YOUR way. It’s time to…

Lead. Stop Following.


Whether it’s a full episode, a starting point or pick’n’mix

1. Why giving yourself permission to finally do things YOUR way, creates the ease you’ve been craving

2. Have you fallen out of love with your life and business and have no idea how to find our spark again? (the answer lies in your Modus Operandi)

3. You can have a 9 to 5 AND still love what you do without trying to find an escape route

4. Knowing more about YOU at the core of everything you do can create instant happiness, if you let it

5. When you understand your YOUprint® you can create solid wealth foundations and leave that legacy you’ve been dreaming of

6. I learned everything I know about business from the criminal underworld. Let me tell you how I use this know how to teach others to rock their business from failing to flying…legally (obviously) – this is my personal favourite

7. How I turned getting a diagnosis of M.E./Chronic Fatigue in 2005 into an opportunity and didn’t let it become the devastating news I initially thought it was

8. When you know your Modus Operandi, you get more time and freedom to do exactly what you want

9. How do I find the A-player team to grow my business when I’ve never hired before?

10. How to stay in your own lane and dial down your imposter syndrome i.e. those tiny voices in your head that tell you all the negative stuff

If any of these fit the bill for your audience or you’ve got another idea, I’d love to chat.

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