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Sick of the ‘6 figure business’ mantra?


Why is everyone so obsessed with creating a 6 figure business? Is it a realistic goal? Are you really driven by money alone or driven by something a bit deeper or bigger than you…and if you make 6 figures in the process then BONUS!


I see courses and offers every single day promising that it’s easy to make 6 figures, so why the hell aren’t you making it (?!), and the first thing that always jumps into my head is….


‘Is that 6 figures in dollars or pounds? Because heck, that makes a BIG difference when you’re sitting in your home office in Scotland trying to set up your on-line business’.

Cat Paterson : The Straight Talking Ginger


I always live by the mantra, be of service and offer amazing value and the money will come. I’ve stuck to it and you know what, it works for me.


Honestly? I don’t want to try and replicate someone else’s method.


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Sure I can learn all the tricks of facebook ads and on-line marketing and that helps…alot! But I use this new found learning to enhance what I do, not see it as a way to get rich quick…because in my experience there is no such thing.


Getting caught up in an ugly case of comparisonitis usually comes from a place of panic, fear and shiny object syndrome taking the place of rational thinking. ‘They are rocking it and I’m rubbish at this business shiz’. Sound familiar? 


Let’s stop those self-sabotaging thoughts in their tracks.

Cat Paterson : The Straight Talking Ginger


Now I like setting a goal just like the next guy or gal that has chosen to fight for a space in the bloody ocean that is the on-line world, but hey, if it ain’t a realistic goal jazzed up with a bit of shoot for the moon thinking, then what is the blinkin’ point?


Here’s a little known technique that might help you shoot for the moon but makes sure you have enough rocket fuel to make the journey there….and back.




STEP 1 – Shoot for the Moon y’all

Think of the next big thing you want to achieve. Is it;

  • more sales
  • impact 1 million people with your thought leadership
  • be the most downloaded app or game in the apple store or
  • sell your business for 6 figures


Whatever it is you need to WRITE IT DOWN.


Be really specific about what your goal is. You should write it down a few times until you refine the wording so it is so specific you are sick of reading it. It should be an amazingly huge goal so think as big as you can.


No, you’re not finished. This is where most people go wrong and never achieve the goal because they miss the next step entirely.


STEP 2 – Feet firmly planted

What could hold you back from reaching that goal? This the reality check bit.



What is holding you back from reaching that goal?

  • Funds
  • people to help you
  • don’t have the qualifications


Whatever it is, WRITE IT DOWN in one sentence.



THE PLAN (map for an amazing life)


If you’ve done step 2 then it should have flagged up some barriers for you reaching that amazing goal of yours but guess what, you can use this as your plan!


If you take time to think a bit more about the benefits and barriers you can write a map of what you are going to do to get to that goal.





To achieve your goals you have to be part of the process.


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