Find out your super powers!

Have you ever wondered what made Wonder Woman so wonderful? Or felt green with envy at the power and might of the Hulk? Everywhere we look there are superheroes flying around us, saving the world and making us puny little humans look like we’re floundering in this thing we call life.

But I’ve got a secret to share with you…

We ALL have superpowers, super-strength and the ability to rock at what we do. We just don’t know what they are yet. The key to unlocking these awesome abilities? It’s all about finding out what they are.

By the time most of us reach that coveted ‘grown-up’ stage in life, we’ve already had enough life experience to know some of the traits and skills that make us up as a person. We’ve tried things that didn’t work, we’ve likely had many cringe-worthy moments that have taught us valuable lessons and we’re constantly evolving and learning to embrace the good, and get over the bad.

But we can go so much deeper than that – if you want to unlock your true superpowers you’ve gotta dig deep and the best way to do that? Profiling.

Once you better understand your profile you’ll be much clearer on what you’re strong in, and where you might need a little helping hand.

youprint card deck layout

So what can profiling do for you? If you’re a solopreneur or run a small business, you’ll have to juggle a lot of different hats from day-to-day. You’re the CEO, the admin person, finance assistant, HR director and chief tea-maker.

But it’s madness to think that you’re going to be the very best at all these things. Maybe numbers are your thing, but sales bring you out in a cold sweat? Or you love to think about new products and services but implementing to the nth degree makes you want to crawl under your desk and hide?

It’s unrealistic to expect to be able to easily flip between all these roles – and this is where profiling can really help. Once you know your strengths – and just as importantly, the things that don’t light you up – you can plug the gaps with other people to support you.

For example, if you’re looking at hooking up with a Virtual Assistant, it might be tempting to go for the person who is most like you. After all, you’re guaranteed to get on if you’re similar, right? Instead, what’ll happen is you’ll be bringing in someone who has the same weaknesses as you. There’s no benefit to that, you’re just throwing your hard-earned cash away.

You want to bring in people who complement your strengths and weaknesses. The only way you can create a strong team in your business (and life!) is by surrounding yourself with people who can see your blind spots and keep you on the right course.

It’s the same for bigger businesses – whether you have 20 or 200 employees, you want to make sure you have the right people in the right teams. Balanced teams filled with complementary profile types are more effective, work more efficiently and outperform those who clash due to conflicting personality types.

So we know the benefits of this profiling thing, but how do we actually go about getting a profile done?

It’s likely you’ll already have heard of some kind of profiling tool, whether it’s the 16 personalities test (derived from the Myers-Briggs personality test), or you’ve done the DISC profile with work at some point in your career. These tools involve lengthy questionnaires, often need the results interpreted by an expert demanding a hefty fee, and barrage you with so much information it’s a mammoth task in itself to interpret the results.

Profiling should make your life easier – it’s meant to help you laser in on what can help you in work and your personal life, not give you just another cumbersome report that you’re not going to have time to benefit from. This is where the YOUprint toolkit comes in.

YOUprint is the system that identifies your superpowers, your strengths and your weaknesses and shows you how to balance everything out without any hassle, faffing around or padded-out incomprehensible reports.

The YOUprint fits you (and your team) into just 4 categories – making it so much easier to see where everyone in your organisation fits best, whether you’re going solo or you have hundreds of employees.

The YOUprint toolkit helps you to understand your unique blueprint as a person, and as a business owner.

How good would it be to know that you’re being completely true to yourself every day in all aspects of your life?

How much could your mental wellness benefit from knowing that you’re not comparing yourself to others but rather know what makes you tick and play to those strengths?

How much better would your business run if you knew you were creating the perfect business model to work with your strengths?

And how much happier would be if you knew you were doing all the things that you excelled at, safe in the knowledge that you don’t have any blind spots looming on the horizon.

You’re already a superhero, you just haven’t had the triggering event that helps you find your superpowers.

Are you ready to find out what yours are?

Head on over to buy your YOUprint cards right here and play to your strengths.