The Solopreneur Guide

CLICK LEARN MORE FOR LINKS TO ACCESS Running a business is not for wimps Every day you get sucked down the rabbit hole of the interwebs. (when you only set out to like a few tweets + comment on the odd FB post) YOUR TO-DO LIST HAS A NEW PARTNER-IN-CRIME! What you're missing is tactics and strategy... the kind that only a gal with a background in the covert world of operations and intelligence can teach you. (if I tell you any more we'd have know how it goes!) YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO: Take back control of your day. Become crazy productive YOUR way. Create a custom blueprint, YOUprint if you will, for getting sh*t done that's easy to follow. Get the course FREE on this link:

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Sell Your Course Without a Website (or expensive course platform)

Not ready to shell out cash and commit to paying a hefty monthly fee for a course platform? Not sure if your course is going to sell before you invest in the tech? This is the course for you. Learn how to host your course, workshop and content using Canva (FREE or pro version). Prototype what your selling then once the cash is flowing in, upgrade later. Don't let expensive tech hold you back.

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How to Find a Profitable Niche - eBook

How to Find a Profitable Niche

so you can create the right product or service and get paid

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Whether you’re a coach, facilitator, illustrator, craft business owner or maker, website designer, in beauty or health or network marketing...or just a self declared stationery addict, you’re about to learn about a lifelong skill that is a game changer.


It’s the behind the scenes system I use that makes sure your products and services are drool worthy, with a focus on making your choices profitable, right out the gate.


Research is so overlooked and so overrated BUT to be as profitable as early as possible, it’s a necessary piece of the puzzle to get right.


Getting an immediate return on any products or services you create is the golden goose for small businesses, their stability and survival. And the best bit is, you can do it all with mostly free tools which means the playing field levels against the big guys IF you put in a bit of work upfront. 

Branded Books DIY Advanced Workshop

Ready to take your books to the next level?

Get in on the advanced lessons by starting with the basic DIY workshop.

11 Modules. 

18 Lessons.

Everything in the basic DIY workshop PLUS 14 brand new lessons (see below).

So that you've got everything in the one handy classroom.

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Branded Books DIY Workshop

The Branded Books DIY Workshop teaches you how to create your very own branded book to help build your business.

A professionally branded resource is key for promoting your business.


Now you can create your own amazing, on-brand stationery, notebooks, and more through  The Branded Books DIY Workshop .


With four simple step-by-step video lessons , you’ll learn how to create creative collateral that’s good for your business AND fuels your stationery habit.


Using completely free tools, you can  create branded books for your business  and fun notebooks to sell or give to customers to promote your products.


Design notebooks for your team or your clients , so you’re top of mind while they’re taking notes and getting things done.


Build your book with PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Canva, or Word to create gorgeous products to grow your business.


No more buying expensive, custom stationery — now you can learn how to create the products you need, all on your own!


In less than an hour, you can  gain a new skill that doubles as an additional potential income stream .


Access The Branded Books DIY Workshop today!

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