Say, ‘hey!’ to the future of coaching



Voxer support is perfect for:

  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches and Mentors of all kinds

Head stuck with pricing and getting caught in your self worth? Voxer Cat.

Want to create a digital service, digital product or an actual product? Voxer Cat.

What the heck do you reply to that challenging client? Voxer Cat.

Building a team but don’t know where to start? Voxer Cat.

Need ideas or a niche, fast? Voxer Cat.

What’s that ONE question you’d love to ask a fellow business owner over coffee that would help you move forward? Voxer Cat.

What people say

‘I’m so done with Zoom so when Cat started her new mentoring service I was like…sign me up! I’ve been procrastinating on a new service for months but within the day I had it nailed, mapped out and the tech piece clear in my head by chatting back and forth with Cat. This is genius!’

‘What a super affordable way to get access to Cat’s magical brain. I love her 90 day sprint mentoring but I needed a top-up, this was a great way to get focused on a few questions I had and get the help to keep moving forward. I can’t thank you enough – straight talking walkie-talkie style, loved it!’



Ever just wish you had someone to bounce your ideas off, noodle through a problem or new idea?

Get support from me for a whole day or half a day via Voxer – a free walkie-talkie app where we voice message and text throughout the day.

We chat anything and everything in your business that you want help with, all via voice messages and text.


Ready to work out that recurring revenue and how it flows into your business?

Plotting out your next service or product and want to fast track your thinking?

Want help with pricing, that difficult conversation or email you need to send or ready to grow and scale but not sure where to even start?

** disclaimer: All results vary, it won’t work unless you do. I can’t do your press ups for you but I can be there to bounce your ideas off and get advice and support.


I’ve been using Voxer as a bonus in my 1:1 mentoring and my mastermind for a few years now, so when my introverted clan asked me to develop a service that removes Zoom fatigue, gives headspace for reflection and joining the dots…I made it happen.

Back and forth support for a full or half day – no hours on Zoom with dodgy WiFi connection, no need to do your hair or worry that the kids will Zoom bomb.

PJs, no camera and all done by text and walkie-talkie audio. That’s a big 10-4!



It’s time to protect your energy and time, my introverted friends.

Let’s keep Zoom for quizzes and family time.

It’s time to do something different.

Help to get you where you want to go, wherever you choose to work.

With an app that makes it even easier to get in touch and get your questions answered.




Hop on for a conversation, whether it’s for an hour, full or half day of support with Cat, and leave feeling super clear on what your next steps are.

Up a hill walking the dog or need to do the school run? No problem, it all fits in – it’s just like Whatsapping your friends whilst grabbing lunch.

Use the time efficiently – no more 2hrs on Zoom with no space to think or reflect within that time (and be distracted by your hair or Zoom bombing budgie).

Instead, we chat back and forth to problem solve whilst you can get on with other things in your day.

Feel encouraged and supported so you can stop feeling like you’re doing this small business gig alone.



Cat’s passion is helping small business owners to create a business and lifestyle that fits like the perfect pair of jeans.

After many years working in the covert world, profiling psychopaths and crime lords, she now profiles small business owners and leaders, so they play to their strengths and stop following other people’s ideas of what could work and do what does work.

She teaches business owners, just like you, how to ‘sick day proof’ your business, with multiple income streams so you can take a well deserved day off.

Once you click the link to book you’ll be taken to a page to pick a date and time. Once your payment is processed you’ll complete a short form so I know what you want to focus on.

You’ll download the Voxer app from the Apple Store or Google Play, set up a username and add me on Voxer.

You’ll receive an email with your booking details. Please note: I will confirm your booking to make sure I’ve doubled checked my diary and availability and you’ll get a confirmation email with the details.

We won’t be on Voxer every second of every hour of the day. The idea is to respond naturally and leave space for thinking time and reflection. For longer sessions, there will be natural breaks for lunch and comfort breaks so it fits around your current schedule.

I’ll be available for the duration of your booking (full day 9am to 4pm / half day any 3 hr period between 9am to 4pm or for the hour booked).

We’ll start at your booked/allocated time. What does that look like? I’ll drop you a voice message or text with a welcome and a bit of housekeeping to keep us on track to get us kicked off.

The pace will be slow and steady. You’ll have tons of other things going on during your day so feel free to get on with those, meetings, creating, other work, running to the shops…the idea is that we have more time and you don’t need to be sat at your laptop to have a conversation.

I will check-in with you throughout the long sessions, such as during lunch hours to see that we’re on track and prior to finishing the day so you’re clear on your next steps.

I currently block time on a Friday for the VIP Voxer day. If this doesn’t suit then drop me an email at: info@straighttalkingginger(dot)com and we’ll see if we can figure it out

You will need to access the Voxer app by downloading from the Apple Store or Google Play. This is the app we will use to communicate throughout your VIP Voxer Day. The app is free and super easy to use. You will also have a record of our conversation to refer back to for 30 days on the free version.

You can also access Voxer on your desktop which is great if you’re working away and want to type faster.

Access Voxer on desktop here.

If you need to reschedule you can do that up to 24hrs prior to your booking (see your booking email for the link to do this). You have 28 days to reschedule otherwise you forfeit your booking and payment. This is dependent on my availability therefore if my diary shows as unavailable please email info@straighttalkingginger(dot)com to discuss

Make some time to listen to and read messages and respond to get the most of our time together. It’s OK if you have meetings or calls booked, we work around this, that’s the beauty of using the app and this approach.

You have 28 days to reschedule after which you forfeit getting a refund.

If you’ve booked and don’t want to proceed, please get in touch WITHIN 24 HRS OF YOUR BOOKING to discuss a refund: info@straighttalkingginger(dot)com

This does not replace my 90 day sprint mentoring. If you want to focus on a ton of things, contact me to book that instead. The Voxer mentoring is designed to get focused on one or two things max.

We won’t be conversing back and forth for the full duration – it’s designed to work alongside your normal day, therefore I may respond in seconds or within 15 mins as I consider the best answer, solution or guidance. Equally, when I respond I don’t expect a response immediately as you consider my response.