Learn how to build a business that plays to your strengths

and LOVE what you do

When you play to your strengths your life and work is inspired from a place of flow.

Remember a time when you love love loved your work?

You were completely in flow.

Gently in that glorious feeling of ease, when time flies like you’re having tons of fun.

I can pretty much guarantee that you were operating from your strengths and zone of genius.

That’s playing to your strengths right there!

Maybe life, work or your business has chipped away at you.


NOW is the time to get back into that zone of genius.

NOW is the time to play to your strengths once again, so you can stop doing things you hate and get focused on increasing your profit, freedom or whatever the heck it is that drives you.

Let me introduce myself,

Hey, I’m Cat, partner in crime to gutsy business owners helping them play to their strengths so they can love what they do, do it with ease and make more profit.

I learned everything I know about business from drug cartels…I’m not even kidding!

As a principal intelligence analyst I worked in the covert world profiling the most serious of crimes (think drug cartels, psychopaths and the worst of the worst that I don’t even want you to imagine).

So, I think that gives me license to say, that I know a fair bit about profiling and how people operate.

That’s why I developed my own profiling tool.

A handy pocket sized deck of cards.

No intimidating questionnaires, accessible for everyone and anyone without the need to be accredited…or use a magic 8 ball.

It’s perfect for using; on your own, with clients one to one or groups of any size.

Are you The Planner, The Ideas Person, The Analyst or The People Person?


Start intentionally doing things that FUEL you.

Do things that make you jump out from under the perfect temperature duvet on a Monday…

…instead of reaching for the snooze button slams.

Give your confidence and mental wellness a much needed kick up the bahookie and get back to YOU.

My client came to me after having a HORRIBLE time at an assessment centre. He was a chatty and personable guy and couldn’t work out what had gone wrong. He was in a short term role but knew he would have to interview again and wanted to get it ‘right’ the next time.
Using your cards, we worked out that he was an analyst who was quite low on the people side. He was essentially a numbers guy and while friendly, found that sort of interaction way out of his comfort zone.
We worked on this and prepared and practiced and when his interview came up he knew that he just had to people long enough to get through it.

We’ve come up with something to do together (with a co-founder) since my YOUprint session. We’ve got amazing ideas and it’s really exciting and thankyou for making me see that a co-founder with a shared vision was right for me!

There is something delightfully simple and elegant about the Youprints cards whilst being thoroughly impactful and packing a punch.  I used them recently in a session with 45 people and the different activities used created energy, insight, wonder and great conversations. Could not recommend the brilliance of these enough.



Get access to a secret web page packed full of resources with all purchases;

Digital playbook

Tons of different ways to play with the deck

Links to a digital quiz version of the cards to share with friends, family, team members AND your customers


Let’s unpack this one to one.

Get everything mentioned above included when you book and pay for a VIP session with yours truly.

We deep dive in a game-changing session that focuses on YOUR strengths.

Get my expertise and eyeballs on your Modus Operandi so you can tweak your life and business to play full out on your strengths.

You get the cards, the secret bonuses, a VIP session on Zoom with me AND a personal digital board of your cards so you know exactly where to focus your energy.

Have you ever wondered what made Wonder Woman so wonderful? Or felt green with envy at the power and might of the Hulk? Everywhere we look there are superheroes flying around us, saving the world and making us puny little humans look like we’re floundering in this thing we call life.

But I’ve got a secret to share with you…

We ALL have superpowers, super-strength and the ability to rock at what we do. We just don’t know what they are yet. The key to unlocking these awesome abilities? It’s all about finding out what they are.

By the time most of us reach that coveted ‘grown-up’ stage in life, we’ve already had enough life experience to know some of the traits and skills that make us up as a person. We’ve tried things that didn’t work, we’ve likely had many cringe-worthy moments that have taught us valuable lessons and we’re constantly evolving and learning to embrace the good, and get over the bad.

But we can go so much deeper than that – if you want to unlock your true superpowers you’ve gotta dig deep and the best way to do that? Profiling.

Once you better understand your profile you’ll be much clearer on what you’re strong in, and where you might need a little helping hand.

youprint card deck layout

So what can profiling do for you? If you’re a solopreneur or run a small business, you’ll have to juggle a lot of different hats from day-to-day. You’re the CEO, the admin person, finance assistant, HR director and chief tea-maker.

But it’s madness to think that you’re going to be the very best at all these things. Maybe numbers are your thing, but sales bring you out in a cold sweat? Or you love to think about new products and services but implementing to the nth degree makes you want to crawl under your desk and hide?

It’s unrealistic to expect to be able to easily flip between all these roles – and this is where profiling can really help. Once you know your strengths – and just as importantly, the things that don’t light you up – you can plug the gaps with other people to support you.

You want to bring in people who complement your strengths and weaknesses. The only way you can create a strong team in your business (and life!) is by surrounding yourself with people who can see your blind spots and keep you on the right course.


  • You want a confidence and mental wellness boost for you, your life and business

  • You LOVE a profiling tool like Myers Briggs, DISC or Strengths Finder but want something a bit more accessible and portable

  • You want a profiling tool you can use again and again with clients and friends without the added expense of accreditation or having to purchase extra tokens

  • You want to focus on happiness and strengths instead of our weaknesses

  • An easy to use right out the gate profiling tool


All card deck purchases get access to a secret web page packed full of resources; digital playbook, ways to play with the deck, links to a digital quiz version of the cards to share with friends, family, team members and customers


Book a VIP Unleash Your A-Game one to one session with me and get everything thrown in.

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  • YOUprint Deck
  • Accessible by anyone – access to a playbook with all you need to use, play and debrief
  • Play a game of cards on your own or with clients and friends
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  • One time payment that can be used 1:1 AND with groups of 250 people
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